Art Witch

Following the Signs with Eliza Swann

Episode Summary

On this episode, we gather with interdisciplinary artist and intuitive Eliza Swann to talk about following the signs from our higher guidance and how our guides can help us navigate the creative-mystical journey. We also talk about staying true to your inner knowing and how our guides can helps us connect to our authentic expression.

Episode Notes

The path towards authentic creativity and expression can be rife with twists and turns. So often emergent artists struggle with how to express their authentic vision and stay true to themselves in the face of institutional learning and fine art spaces. 

On this episode, we hear from the wonderful interdisciplinary artist and intuitive Eliza Swann about her career as an artist and mystic, and how her experiences listening to guidance from spirit has led to her work today. 

Eliza Swann is an interdisciplinary artist, intuitive, writer, educator, and community organizer based in Los Angeles and New York. Eliza is also the founder of The Golden Dome School, a curatorial and educational platform that studies intersections of art, metaphysics and ecology.

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About the Art Witch:

Art Witch is where creativity, magic, and healing align for personal and collective liberation. Hosted by Brooklyn-based sound ritualist, arts educator, and tarot reader Zaneta, Art Witch aims to provide resources for the creative journey. In this podcast you’ll hear from a variety of artists, witches, healers, and experts sharing their wisdom and stories, all with the intention of helping folx make art and share their unique magic with the world.


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