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Channeling Art + Spirit Mediumship with Mary Grisey

Episode Summary

In this episode, multidimensional channeler, psychic and spiritual medium, and visual artist Mary Grisey joins our community to talk about her experiences weaving her psychic and spiritual gifts into her art work. This conversation dives into spirit mediumship, psychic development, channeling, and communicating with Loved Ones in the Spirit world.

Episode Notes

The way Spirit moves through our lives and work is nothing short of miraculous. In today’s episode multidimensional channeler, psychic and spiritual medium, and visual artist Mary Grisey shares with us her experiences with Spirit, as an artist, as we all a professional medium and teacher of psychic development and mediumship.

Mary offers powerful insights and advice for folx who experience messages from Spirit or who would like to dive deeper into this work. She also speaks openly about her art and process, and how her spiritual work informs her art. 

In this episode we talk about experiences with connecting to Spirit and Loved Ones, getting out of the head and into the feeling state of receiving, spiritual awakenings, and sound and the frequency of Spirit. 

About the Guest

Mary Grisey is a Multidimensional Channeler, Psychic & Spiritual Medium and Visual Artist based out of Los Angeles, California. She has been connected to the unseen world ever since she can remember and works closely with her Spirit Guides, Ruth and the Council of 12. During her sessions, Mary channels her client's ancestors, Spirit Guides, loved ones and higher selves to help in the soul remembering process. She taps into any soul agreements, contracts and timelines. Her psychic approach is heart-centered, therapeutic and always in the highest good of the client. Her fine art background provides a unique approach to her readings and teachings as they tend to foster creativity, inventiveness and imagination.

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About the Host

Zaneta (they/them) is a queer, multi Brooklyn-based sound ritualist, listening educator, nature recordist, creativity activist, tarot reader, and podcast host. At the core of their work is a deep desire to remember how to live in interconnectedness.  Whether that is through meditation and connecting with the self, or in community rituals to connect to the land, Zaneta weaves sound and ritual to create experiences that transform the way participants hear and connect to the world.  

In the spirit of an interconnected world, Zaneta focuses on supporting folx to make their art and express themselves fully, knowing that interconnection and interdependence are rooted in our individual wholeness and that our authentic creative expression is at the heart of that wholeness.  It’s towards this collective vision that Zaneta offers channeled tarot readings for creative liberation, and offers readings to support artists in navigating their careers and projects. 

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About the Podcast

Art Witch is where creativity, magic, and healing align for personal and collective liberation.  Hosted by Brooklyn-based sound ritualist, arts educator, and tarot reader Zaneta, Art Witch aims to provide resources for the creative journey. In this podcast you’ll hear from a variety of artists, witches, healers, and experts sharing their wisdom and stories, all with the intention of helping folx make art and share their unique magic with the world.

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