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Copyright + Boundary Magic in the Digital Age with Kate Thornhill

Episode Summary

In this episode, digital scholarship librarian and artist Kate Thornhill joins Zaneta to talk about the boundary magic of copyright and how we as artists can protect our work, and how to navigate remix culture in the digital era.

Episode Notes

The word ‘copyright’ rarely excites folx, but as witches, protection and boundary magic are often some of the first spells we try. It’s no surprise as early on we learn to work with energy and quickly understand the importance of protecting our energy.

In this episode we’re going to talk about protecting our art. How concepts like copyright, fair use, and research and ethics practices can be spells unto themselves.

We’re joined by digital scholarship librarian and artist Kate Thornhill to breakdown terms like copyright, fair use, and discuss the ethics of remix culture in the digital era.  Kate also shares helpful tools for research and copyright to help empower our boundary magic!

💕Kate also created this amazing free copyright resource guide just for the Art Witch community! (thank you Kate)

Connect with Kate:

Twitter: @kate_thornhill


About the Host

Zaneta (they/them) is a Brooklyn-based sound ritualist, listening educator, creativity activist, and podcast host. At the core of their work is a deep desire to remember how to live in interconnectedness.  Whether that is through meditation and connecting with the self, or in community rituals to connect to the land, Zaneta weaves sound and ritual to create experiences that transform the way participants hear and connect to the world.  

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About the Podcast

Art Witch is where creativity, magic, and healing align for personal and collective liberation.  Hosted by Brooklyn-based sound ritualist, arts educator, and tarot reader Zaneta, Art Witch aims to provide resources for the creative journey. In this podcast you’ll hear from a variety of artists, witches, healers, and experts sharing their wisdom and stories, all with the intention of helping folx make art and share their unique magic with the world.

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